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The Whoscoops Podcast

Feb 27, 2019

That's right, we've got Ryer Appeldoorn to be on the show.  He shared his experience going to an art school, painting, and most importantly about his trip to the AVNs with Paul.



Feb 20, 2019

This week we hear from Luke Richard, orchestrator of Churn Out Pittsburgh.  We talk about Star Wars, retro gaming, and his experience getting a Churn Out off the ground.




Music by:

Feb 12, 2019

What else is there to say other than we get to hear from Mandy Abela herself.  I did lose 10-15 minutes of our discussion due to connection issues, but we still have the good parts.  



I keep forgetting to plug Adam's bandcamp site:  check him out if you...

Feb 6, 2019

This week we hear from Robert Brooks Lyle, or The ScoopPS guy (it's better heard than read).  We talk about Scoopfest, raising kids, old school gaming, and the podcasts he has started.