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The Whoscoops Podcast

Nov 27, 2019

This week we hear from Lee who was the first person to take Abracababble up on their Patreon level of a magical weekend.  Listen to us recap that quickly and then dive into other topics.


Nov 19, 2019

For our 50th guest, we get to hear from RJ Owens.  Thanks so much for sharing your story with the scoops.  This is the longest episode yet, and every second is great.


Stay Sassy!

Nov 13, 2019

Thanks to Scorbutic for being on the show!  We deep dive into gaming and movies, I hope you all enjoy!


Check out Scorbutic on Twitch:

Nov 10, 2019

Thanks to Shawn for being on the show!  I hope everyone enjoys our discussions about web design and comedy.

Check Out Shawn's website:

And check out his wife's book no Allergy Tips by Jennifer Schmidt:  

Nov 1, 2019

Thanks to Rebecca for coming on the show and sharing her experiences with Piff, the theater, Scoopfest, and more!


Thanks to Adam Smith again for the use of our theme song, and the Joker theme at the end of this episode.  Check out his music at: