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The Whoscoops Podcast

Dec 27, 2023

A WhoScoops episode is dropping?!? 

It's an after Christmas miracle!

This week we get to meet Sebaskin from Australia.  We discuss riding that Jock vs Nerd line, reading, D&D, and drop bears.  


Oct 25, 2023

This week we are joined by Will, Bearded Scoop!  We talk about his time in the navy, law of the sea, tattoo choices, and being the lone ICS convert from the Alarmist.  



Sep 20, 2023

WhoScoops returns this week with our guest Pistachio Pete!

Come listen all about Pete's awesome journey to Japan.  We get into scoop events, TTRPGs, comics, JvN days, Pete and Max's lifelong bond, ane more.


Aug 2, 2023

WhoScoops returns this week with Brogan and we meet Gregg from the Take it EV podcast!  Come learn a little about Gregg and his journey into EV technology.  Time for some alternate locomotion discussion and hydrogen fuel cell mythbusting.  Enjoy!

Jun 7, 2023

ScoopFest cinematographer David - ScoopDeville joins me this week and we nerd out about film, scoop events, Star Wars, and sequels.  

Check out David's content at

including his podcasts Sequel Harder and Airplane! Minute!