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The Whoscoops Podcast

May 29, 2019

This week we get to know more about the piano guy on the Bucket Show, Michael Spadoni.  This episode is longer and uncut, just like Spadoni likes it.  So sit back and enjoy how you too can benefit from the lessons from the films Labyrinth and Legend.


If you're in Vegas on Thursdays or Saturdays go check Spadoni out at...

May 23, 2019

Thanks to Rannchan for being on the show!  Man we talk a little bit about everything, there is just too much to mention.  I will say that after our talk I found that Jennifer is one of the most thoughtful gift givers I've ever heard of.


May 15, 2019

That's right, this week we get to hear from Fact Check Andy from Geek Shock.  He brings the funny to the WhoScoops podcast this week, and shares several stories from his time as an artist and a journalist.



May 7, 2019

This week we hear from Travis Roy, Sc00ter Sc00p.  We talk about his day job, crappy bosses, crafting for the theater, and more!