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The Whoscoops Podcast

Apr 30, 2019

This week we get to hear from Mr. Raw Caw himself, Will Breeden!  We both can ramble with the best of them, so prepare for our collective ramblings.  



Apr 25, 2019

Better late than never!  I finally got a full interview recorded with the Unicorn himself Michael Fritts. Two Tennessee boys talk about the Smoky Mountains and the restaurant life.  

This episode has almost no editing to get it out to you guys.


Music by Adam Smith:

Apr 16, 2019

This week we hear from Nikki Benoit.  We talk about the restaurant business, 90s movies (including Bruce Willis), and O'Frankenstein.



Apr 9, 2019

Today we hear from Kraig Rueth.  We talk about fatherhood, the Jurassic Park series (including Jacob's favorite film), the Coen Brothers films, and a very informative discussion about insurance.



Apr 2, 2019

This week ML Kennedy joins us again and has another Chicago crime story to share (among other discussions).