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The Whoscoops Podcast

Mar 13, 2024

This week we welcome Nicholas Newman (from Newman the Podcast fame).  Come learn a bit about the similarities between Kentucky and Scotland, surviving the mountains of France, bus vs train travel, standing out in a crowd, and ding-dong-vegetable ditch.



Mar 10, 2024

Recorded a few weeks ago, ML Kennedy is back again for our annual Oscars conversation.  He tried his best to keep us on topic, and I tried just as much to tangent every chance I could.  We still had a great time.


Jan 31, 2024

Huge thanks to Paul for joining Brogan and I for this full-on UFO/UAP/USO/WWF? discussion.

I don't know if we figured anything out, but we had a good time discussing the most recent activities on the subject of non-human intelligence.  We get into a lot of topics this go around, and somehow it all ties back to...